is the industry-standard reference guide for choosing a vpn provider. Through this blog we will give you the latest news about paid vpn services as well as comparative studies on VPN services that our experts have fully tested for you. Today, using a VPN is the best solution to protect your personal data, surf the net anonymously and unblock websites from foreign countries. Finally, you'll be able to unblock Youtube, Facebook, Twitter and even your email from any location in the world.

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If you are looking for a free VPN, regrettably, we won’t be able to help you. Free VPNs have been tested in the past. However the disappointing results have led us to focus our attention on paid VPNs. Cheap, safe and reliable, paid VPNs will give you great satisfaction.
Whether you are looking for a Windows VPN, an Android VPN or a Mac VPN, we will help you in your search for the best vpn adapted to your needs.
As well as offering you security and anonymity while you are connected and unblocking websites normally restricted, the use of a VPN will be ideal for downloading with a P2P connection.
Feigning a country’s IP address and creating tunnels of coded information to transfer data securely a VPN service will guaranty your safety online no matter what. also offers a VPN forum. Our experts will answer all your questions and you can share your experience with other VPN service customers.
Don’t hesitate to contact us for further information about VPNs, is at your service.

Why use a VPN ?

Hackers have multiplied over the years. Their mission ? Stealing web user’s confidential information to use them for illegal purposes, which might be dangerous for the victim. One simple solution is to acquire a Virtual Private Network (VPN) that will code all data exchanged between two machines.

What use is a VPN?

To surf safely on the internet, go through a Virtual Private Network. Depending on your operating system you have different types of VPNs available. The most popular are the Windows VPN or a Mac VPN.
VPNs are like private a tunnel that allows a web user to secure his internet connection including protecting data which is sent and received. They are mostly used by businesses that need tight security to protect their data against spies and hackers and even the government’s curious eyes.

In which cases is a VPN to be used?

Imagine that your operating system is Windows and that you would like to surf safely through a public WiFi. With the Windows VPN supplied by your VPN provider, you will be shielded from wiretapping of data going through the network. Likewise, if the government came to putting in place a wiretap via your internet provider, you will just have to connect through a VPN server adapted to your OS (Windows, in this case) to render the tap useless.

Which VPN to use?

On the web, there exists many types of VPNs ; some free and others offer the service for a fee. Which one to choose? For more security, opt for a paid VPN since danger posed by hackers still exists when your VPN is free, even though it is lessened. Amongst the most popular paid VPNs, we recommend HideMyAss that has proved itself extremely reliable throughout the years. Moreover it offers the best quality service at an affordable price.

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